Cattle Drive at Black-River

30-31 March 2024 – ROANNE (42)


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Les Inscrits …. 😉

Alias Pays Cat MM Cat WB Camping Type
woodrow the wild frenchie France Frontiersman No
blondin France Forty-Niner (49er) No
Redneck Mike France Gunfighter Senior Modern Yes Caravane
Marshall John Mc Clane France Senior No
Bull Run Deutschland Frontier Cartridge Modern Yes Camping Car
Raindance Meggie Deutschland Ladies Duelis Modern Yes
Jesse nightmare of Neckwhite France Cowboy Modern No
Barth France Silver Senior Modern No
Kid of neckwhite France Senior Modern Yes Camping Car
Little sioux of neckwhite France Cowgirl No
Holly genero Mc clane France Ladies senior No
Leia Blackbird France Ladies senior No
Doc andy Holliday France Senior No
Will of the wolf farm France Senior No
Trader Jack Deutschland Senior Senior Modern Yes Camping Car
AyBe Deutschland Ladies 49er Yes
Frenchie Boy France Senior Modern Yes Camping Car
Tyler Pixley France Forty-Niner (49er) No
Discreet Bertrand France Cowboy No
TOM STONE France Wrangler Modern No
dam’s bagheera france Cowboy Yes Tente Old West
French Bob France Senior No
santafe karl france Forty-Niner (49er) Yes Tente Old West
Myles Webb France Cowboy Yes Caravane (Bill Armandillo)
Mike Donovan Blueberry France Gunfighter Modern Yes
Betty Blue Smett France Ladies Cowgirl No
Jo Smett France Elder Statesmen Yes Camping Car
Woman Speed Walking France Cowgirl No
john sutter France Senior Yes Camping Car
Al Swearengen France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes Camping Car
Looping France Senior Senior Modern No
Pat Froggie fatherone France Senior Modern No
Gran’pa Jeff France Elder Statesmen Modern No
Pat O’COURSON France Silver Senior Senior Modern Yes Tente / Tent
Bill Armandillo FRANCE Cowboy Modern Yes Caravane
Capitaine Bill France Senior No
Pit Stoley F Cattle Baron No
Katie Lou Luxembourg Ladies Cowgirl Modern Yes Camping Car
Doc Marbi Luxembourg Duelist Modern No
Sandy France Ladies 49er No
Tom jeffords France Frontier Cartridge Modern No
Jo LeTOS France- Portugal Silver Senior Yes Tente / Tent
Tumbleweed Deutschland Classic Cowboy Traditional Yes Caravane
Charles Alan “Jeppesen” LaSALLE FRANCE Elder Statesmen Senior Modern No
Joe Sanders France Elder Statesmen Modern Yes Camping Car
Josey W Walker France Wrangler No
Hardy Okie France Forty-Niner (49er) No
Jack the plumber France Forty-Niner (49er) Modern No
Hannah-Beth GREENPINES France Ladies Cowgirl No
Mike Shogan France Cattle Baron Modern No
Black Eagle Montana France Gunfighter Yes Camping Car
Colt stanton France Wrangler Yes Camping Car
Andy mc berger France Elder Statesmen Senior Traditional Yes Camping Car
Clark Tempest FRANCE Cattle Baron Senior Traditional No
John Nobody Smith france Wrangler Modern No

Nombre total de Participant : 56

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