DAYS of FIRE 2024


SASS-France National Championship 2024

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Alias Pays Cat MM Cat WB LR 200m LR 35m Camping
jesse nightmare of neckwhite France Cowboy Modern Yes No
little sioux of neckwhite France Ladies 49er Lady Modern Yes No
Pat O’COURSON France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes Yes Yes
Frenchie Boy France Senior Modern Yes Yes Yes
the kid of neckwhite France Senior Yes
Raindance Meggie Germany Ladies FC Duelist Modern Yes Yes
Trader Jack Germany Senior Modern Yes Yes
Katie Lou Luxembourg Ladies Senior Lady Modern Yes
Doc Marbi Luxembourg Duelist Modern Yes Yes Yes
Barth France Silver Senior Modern Yes Yes No
Looping France Senior Senior Modern Yes Yes No
Will of the Wolf Farm France Senior No
Hannah-Beth GREENPINES France Ladies Cowgirl No
Little Ranger Italy Elder Statesmen Yes
El Grinta Italy Cattle Baron No
Bull Run Germany Frontier Cartridge Modern Yes
JL Wesson Italy Gunfighter YesYes Yes No
Jack Wesson Italy Buckaroo No
jack the plumber France Cowboy Modern No
Redneck Mike France Gunfighter Modern YesYes Yes Yes
Dirty Sanchez Germany Duelist Modern Yes
Big Bullet Germany Ladies Cowgirl No
AyBe Germany Ladies 49er No
woman speed walking France Ladies Senior Yes No
Hardy Okie France Forty-Niner (49er) Yes No
Desmo Hell Dragoon France Wrangler Modern Yes Yes Yes
Marshall John Mc Clane France Senior Yes
Tom jeffords France Frontier Cartridge Modern Yes Yes
Jo Smett France Elder Statesmen Yes
Betty Blue $mett France Ladies Cowgirl No
Black Eagle Montana USA B-Western Yes Yes
Marshal Dundee France Cattle Baron No
AL F SWEARENGEN France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes Yes Yes
Pat froggy fatherone France Senior Modern Yes Yes No
Holly Genero Mc Clane France Ladies Senior Yes
Marshall Echard France Forty-Niner (49er) Yes
Selma Wilder France Ladies Senior Yes
Trusty Phil France Senior Yes No
blondin France Senior Yes No
Andy Mc Berger France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes No
Joe Sanders France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes Yes
john sutter France Senior Yes
Newhouse the Predicator France Silver Senior No
Carefree France Silver Senior No
Jeepee Shea Brennan France Silver Senior Yes No
Fanny McGiver Italy Ladies Gunfighter Yes Yes No
Shanky Max Italy Gunfighter Yes Yes No
Eb Fingerless Italy Cattle Baron No
Gran’Pa Jef France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes No
SPEED LADLE Italy Classic Cowboy Yes
SPLINTER Italy Buckaroo Yes
Bill Armandillo France Cowboy Modern Yes Yes Yes
Joe Sanders France Elder Statesmen Yes Yes Yes
HOMBRE Spain Silver Senior Senior Modern YesYes Yes No
Lady Charlotte Smith France Ladies Wrangler Yes No
John Nobody Smith France Wrangler Yes No
Elsass France Cattle Baron Yes
Blek Macigno Italy Senior Duelist No
Butcher Deboner Smith France Cowboy Yes No
Pit Stoley France Cattle Baron Yes No
Wyatt Baker Spain Silver Senior Senior Modern Yes Yes No
Ranger Wallace France Senior Yes
Scar Hand Joe Germany FC Gunfighter Traditional Yes
Cattle Annie Germany Ladies Frontier Cartridge No
Mike Shogan France Cattle Baron Modern Yes Yes No
Josey W Walker France Forty-Niner (49er) No
Colt stanton France Wrangler Yes Yes
Woodrow the Wild Frencie France Frontier Cartridge No
Jack D. Whist France Wrangler Yes
Wyatt Earp Killshot France Cowboy Yes No
J.James Carter France Cowboy Yes No
PAT REDWAY France Wrangler No

Nombre total de Participant : 72


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