Match Rochefort


Vendredi - Friday 5 July 2019

Matin - Morning : 4 Stages Warm-Up CAS

Repas tiré du sac / Lunch brought by shooter ou Sur réservation

4 Stage CAS starting 14h00.

Diner Libre - Diner up to the shooter ou sur réservation

Barbecue can be done on site.

Samedi - Saturday 6 July 2019

Matin - Morning : 3 Stages Main Match CAS

Repas tiré du sac / Lunch brought by shooter ou sur Réservation

Après-Midi - Afternoon : 3 Stages Main Match

Evening : Awards and Diner ( Diner sur réservation )

Les Inscrits .... 😉

# SASSAliasCategorieLong RangeMM VendrediMM SamediCampingComments
98674Will of the Farm49er?
-----Abbie the Wild WifeLady 49er?
92303Pit StoleyElder Statesmen?
101511Frontier RangerSilver Senior?-
-----Bill ArmandilloWrangler?-
93417Al SwearengenSilver SeniorNonOuiOuiCamping Car
91768Gran'Pa JefCattle BaronNonOuiOui-
101234Tom JeffordsFrontier CartridgeNonOuiOuiTente
80783The Kid of NeckwhiteCowBoy
83488Little Sioux of NeckwhiteCowGirl
----Jesse Nightmare of NeckwhiteJunior
----Dan Terror of NeckwhiteYoung Gun
104933Cattleman JoeCowboy
83480French Bob49erOuiOuiOui-
95147Ranger Wallace49erOuiOuiOuiCamping-Car
9999286Jack BlackFieldSeniorNonOuiOUi-
86624Mike ShoganCattle BaronNonOuiOui-
45998 Captain WildbearSilver SeniorNonOuiOuiTente
Mike Donovan BlueberryGunfighterOuiOuiOuiNon
9999316Betty Blue SmettLady 49erNonOuiOuiCamping-car
9999296Jo SmettSilver SeniorNonOuiOuiCamping-car
86618Pat Froggy Fatherone49erNonNonOui-
83 473Emmett Silver ShadowCowboyOuiOuiOuiCaravane

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