Match LST – 2021

Last Shot On the Trail

13 to 17 Juillet 2021




Un nouvel arrêté municipal de la ville de ROCHEFORT DU GARD, interdit tout tir durant les jours fériés.

De ce fait le Wild Bunch sera tiré le Mardi 13 Juillet 2021. Le 14 Juillet sera réservé au Cours RO II ( Refresh et Cours )

A New Municipal Ordinance prohibits shooting during Holliday period.

To be in accordance, Wild bunch will be shot on Tuesday 13th of July 2021. The 14 will be no gun in Town. An RO II Course/Refreshment will be held.



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Les Inscrits .... 😉

Alias Pays Cat MM CAT WB Camping Type
Pat O’COURSON France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes Tente / Tent
Potato pit Luxembourg FC Gunfighter Traditional Yes Camping Car
White Biggy Luxembourg Ladies Cowgirl Yes
KATIE LOU LUXEMBOURG Ladies Senior Yes Camping Car
DOC MARBI Luxemburg Forty-Niner (49er) No
Marshal Dundee France Cattle Baron Yes Caravane
Bill Armandillo France Cowboy Yes Tente / Tent
Tom jeffords France Forty-Niner (49er) No
Al F Swearengen France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes Camping Car
Looping France Senior No
Frenchie Boy France Senior Modern Yes Caravane
Stage Coach Mike Germany Classic Cowboy Traditional Yes Camping Car
Ranger Wallace France Senior Yes Camping Car
Pit Stoley F Elder Statesmen Yes Tente / Tent
French Bob France Senior Modern No
Redneck Mike France Senior Modern Yes Caravane
Hunting Lady Germany Ladies 49er Yes Caravane
The Medic Germany Frontier Cartridge Modern Yes Caravane
Mike SHOGAN France Cattle Baron No
Vince Pepper Allemagne FC Duelist Yes Tente / Tent
Wyatt Baker España Silver Senior No
JOE SANDERS FRANCE Elder Statesmen Modern Yes Camping Car
Jack Blackfield France Senior No
HOMBRE Spanien Senior Modern Yes Camping Car
Betty Blue Smett France Ladies Cowgirl No
Jo Smett France Elder Statesmen Yes
palooserider France Silver Senior No
Captain Wildbeard Danmark Silver Senior Modern Yes Tente / Tent
BLONDIN France Forty-Niner (49er) No
Gran’pa Jef France Cattle Baron Senior Modern No
SmiloDoc Germany Forty-Niner (49er) Modern Yes Camping Car
the kid of neckwhite France Wrangler Yes Camping Car
little sioux of neckwhite France Ladies Cowgirl Yes Tente / Tent
pat froggy fatherone france Forty-Niner (49er) Modern No
Black Eagle Montana France B-Western Yes Camping Car
Split bill Allemagne Classic Cowboy Traditional Yes
Bob Sailor France Silver Senior Yes Tente / Tent
VALLOMBREUSE FRANCE Senior Modern Yes Camping Car

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