Inscrit – Days Of Fire 2020

Main Match - Wild Bunch - Long Range

Registered Shooters


Alias Pays Cat MM Cat WB LR Camping Type
Old Oak Claudee France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern No
tom jeffords France Forty-Niner (49er) ——————— Yes Yes Camping Car
MIKE DONOVAN BLUEBERRY France Gunfighter Traditional Yes Yes
Marshal Dundee France Cattle Baron ——————— Yes No
BARTH. FRANCE Senior Senior Modern Yes No
KATIE LOU LUXEMBOURG Ladies senior ——————— Yes Yes Camping Car
DOC KAYL VALLEY LUXEMBOURG Forty-Niner (49er) ——————— Yes Yes
Gran’pa Jef France Cattle Baron Senior Modern Yes No
Al F Swearengen France Silver Senior Modern Yes Camping Car
BLACKSMITH PETE SUISSE Silver Senior Senior Modern No
Handy Hook France Elder Statesmen Senior Modern Yes No
Elsass FRANCE Elder Statesmen ——————— No
Mary F. Ladder France Ladies Silver Senior ——————— Yes Tente / Tent
Looping France Forty-Niner (49er) ——————— Yes No
PALOOSE RIDER France Senior ——————— No
Redneck Mike France Senior Senior Modern Yes Yes Caravane
Major Meadow Snake France FC Gunfighter Modern Yes No
the kid of neckwhite France Classic Cowboy Modern Yes Tente / Tent
jesse nightmare of neckwhite France Cowboy ——————— Yes Tente / Tent
little sioux of neckwhite France Ladies Cowgirl ——————— Yes Tente / Tent
Cornélius CHESTERFIELD France Wrangler Traditional Yes Yes Tente / Tent
TRUSTY PHIL France Forty-Niner (49er) Yes Tente / Tent
French Bob France Senior No
Pit Stoley France Elder Statesmen Yes Yes Caravane
CHRIS SKYHAWK FRANCE Forty-Niner (49er) Yes No
Joe sanders Françe Elder Statesmen Modern Yes
ANDY MC BERGER FRANCE Elder Statesmen Modern Yes No
TriggerHappyChris Germany Forty-Niner (49er) Modern Yes Camping Car
BigBoreBen Germany Junior Yes Tente / Tent
Linda Lou Germany Cowgirl Modern No
Lash LaRue Germany B-Western Senior Modern No
Bernie Germany B-Western Modern No
Rifle Queen Germany Ladies senior No
Wheel Gunner Germany Gunfighter Yes Camping Car
preacher Netherlands Frontier Cartridge Yes Camping Car
Madeleine Rose Nederland Ladies 49er Yes Caravane
Dutch Bullwhip Nederland FC Gunfighter Yes Caravane
Vince Pepper Germany FC Duelist Yes Yes Tente / Tent
Potato Pit France FC Duelist Traditional Yes Camping Car
White Biggy France Ladies senior Yes Camping Car
Hunting Lady Germany Ladies 49er Yes Caravane
The Medic Germany Frontier Cartridge Modern Yes Caravane
Banjo Germany Senior Senior Traditional Yes Caravane
Cutter Germany Gunfighter Traditional Yes Tente / Tent
Sunny Coal Germany Forty-Niner (49er) Modern Yes Camping Car
Fearless John Germany Silver Senior Yes Caravane
Captain Wildbeard Danmark Silver Senior Senior Modern No Yes Tente / Tent
Sliding Horse Germany Senior Yes Yes Tente / Tent
Pat-Thirty-Eight Suisse Forty-Niner (49er) Modern No
Jesse Belle Germany Ladies 49er Yes Camping Car
Lyoner Dundee Germany FC Gunfighter Yes Camping Car
Butscher Germany Classic Cowboy Yes Camping Car
Stage Coach Mike Germany Classic Cowboy Traditional Yes Camping Car
Lt. Blueberry Germany Classic Cowboy No
Scar Hand Joe Germany FC Duelist Yes Caravane
Cattle Annie Germany Ladies Frontier Cartridge No
Griesly Lady Germany Ladies 49er Yes Caravane
Griesly Charly Germany Elder Statesmen Yes Caravane
Old Blade Germany Silver Senior Yes Caravane
Tom the Butcher Germany FC Duelist Modern Yes Camping Car
SmiloDoc Germany Forty-Niner (49er) Modern Yes Camping Car
Dog Dancer Germany Elder Statesmen Yes Caravane
Tenderfoot (*) Germany Forty-Niner (49er) Yes Camping Car
Jack D. Whist France Cowboy Modern No Yes Tente / Tent
JO SMETT France Silver Senior Yes Camping Car
BETTY BLUE SMETT France Ladies Cowgirl Yes Camping Car
pat froggy fatherone france Forty-Niner (49er) Modern Yes No
Ranger Wallace France Forty-Niner (49er) Yes Camping Car
Bull Run Württemberg FC Gunfighter Modern Yes Camping Car


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